With the explicit goal of expanding their services to Europe, the online gambling software development company, Softec Digital will be exhibiting its products and consulting possibilities on ICE Sports Betting 2019, at Excel London convention center from February 5th to 7th, 2019 in London, UK.

Softec Digital, a gaming expert with more than 20 years of experience, will be showcasing their latest developments. By providing real interaction with different current devices, the visitor will experience an innovative approach that makes easy and simple to comprehend the final user betting process.

The visitors to the S8-212 stand will have the opportunity to meet with Softec Digital team of experts. A Risk Analyst will be able to provide prospective clients with a broad perspective about how Softec can adapt to their business needs by offering great possibilities to achieve every new customer goal.

According to Softec Digital’s COO, Renato Robles, it is essential to make sure everyone understands how simple could be to set up and run an online as well as land-based, gaming business by partnering up with SD, considering their team work side by side with every client every step of the way.

With a presence in the Philippines, United States, and Costa Rica, ICE London event is SD first European approach.

Armando Veitia, Risk Manager, brings out the importance of empowering a raising niche by extending representation in that region and making it possible to offer a global view to all SD client portfolio.

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